James Wooden Gates

Deciding to upgrade the looks of your home, giving yourself greater street appeal will often begin with a good look at what your guests will be seeing when they approach.  Often they may encounter a privacy gate before approaching the entry. James Gateworks specializes in giving you the nicest looking and most durable means of putting this new element in place. This beautiful side yard gate is in the Ladera Ranch development near Mission Viejo and this particular neighborhood I was fortunate to do seven or eight of the gates. This gate is of a dark stained wood with a flat acrylic top coat with wrought iron speakeasy window, flat hammered clavos trim the top curved rail, and flat barn style  pull and hasp. This particular gate includes all construction and finishing and professional installation, hardware included for usually less than sixteen hundred dollars. Use our handy form to request an on site inspection and start your project today.

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